A Meeting with My Self: Vivian Maier’s Selfie-Portraits

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Maier's photographs were first published on the Internet in July 2008, by Slattery, but the work received little response. In October 2009, Maloof linked his blog to a collection of Maier's photographs on the image-sharing website Flickr, and the results went "viral", with thousands of people expressing interest. Critical acclaim and interest in Maier's work quickly followed, and since then, Maier's photographs have been exhibited around the world, while her life and work have been the subject of books and documentary films.
Publikationsdato8 okt. 2015
StatusUdgivet - 8 okt. 2015

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  • Det Humanistiske Fakultet - selfie, images, recognition, interaction, aeshetics, self, being, self-portaits, Vivian Maier, flaneuse, Ann Friedberg, Walter Benjamin

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