Incidence Trends and Predictors of Hospitalization for Hypoglycemia in 17,230 Adult Patients With Type 1 Diabetes: A Danish Register Linkage Cohort Study

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OBJECTIVE This study aimed to examine nationwide incidence trends and predictors of hospitalization for hypoglycemia (HH) in the adult population with type 1 diabetes in Denmark.

RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS All 17,230 patients with type 1 diabetes aged 16 years and above registered in the Danish Adult Diabetes Database (DADD) from 2006 were followed to 2012 by linkage of registers. Incidence rates of HH were modeled by Poisson regression by calendar time, taking sex, age, diabetes duration, clinical variables, and previous HH into account.

RESULTS A total of 2,369 events of HH occurred among 1,735 patients with type 1 diabetes of HH during 70,002 patient-years (mean follow-up = 3.7 years). A decrease in incidence rate was observed with calendar time with an 8.4% (4.9–11.7%) annual decrease. Predictors of HH included previous HH, age, diabetes duration, albuminuria, and HbA1c.

CONCLUSIONS This study revealed a decreasing trend in incidence of HH in patients with type 1 diabetes. Previous HH, longer diabetes duration, macro-albuminuria, and HbA1c were associated with increased risk of HH in type 1 diabetes, and attention to those factors is warranted in both clinical and public health aspects.
TidsskriftDiabetes Care
Udgave nummer2
Sider (fra-til)226-232
Antal sider7
StatusUdgivet - feb. 2017

ID: 169705292