Accepted Papers 2023

  1. Ádám, Ágnes – Conservation of a 14th-century limp binding: How much intervention is necessary?
  2. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abd el-Salam, Mohamed – Collection management of Islamic manuscripts at the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo: Study for conservation and digitization
  3. Aikenhead, Lydia, Marie-France Lemay & Francisco H. Trujillo – Bembo’s Milieu: Contextualizing the Visconti-Sforza tarocchi cards within 15th-century Northern Italian artistic and manuscript production
  4. Al-Mahdi Ben Hammouda, Saleh – The National Laboratory for Manuscript Preservation in Raqqada, Kairouan, Tunisia
  5. Anaki, Roni – Is gevil more similar to parchment or leather? An investigation and preliminary assessment of modern gevil’s characteristics for future research and conservation treatments
  6. Baldwin, Jessica – Pulled from the rubble: Conserving Ireland’s ‘lost’ archive
  7. Barkeshli, Mandana – Shades of coloured papers in medieval Persian manuscripts using blue turnsole (kabudak): History, material technology and reconstruction
  8. Baydar, Nil – A study of paper in Mehmed II’s manuscript collection
  9. Beaty, Katherine, Rachel Bissonnette & Kathryn Kenney – Rehousing Pothi format books from the Harvard-Yenching Library: Considering materiality and spirituality
  10. Benvestito, Claudia, Jarmila Kodrič, Elena Badea, Cristina Carsote, Emanuel Hadimbu & Andrea Pataki-Hundt – Are old conservation treatments the new challenges? The case of St. Mark’s books
  11. Briffa, Chanelle & Vanessa Buhagiar – Giuseppe De Marco: A codicological and palaeographical examination of the works of an eighteenth-century medical practitioner
  12. Britto, Caetana, Fernanda M. Auada & Paula Borgo – The Carolina Maria de Jesus notebooks, a shared treatment report
  13. Cellard, Éléonore – The manufacture of medieval Islamic parchment: New regional evidence in the quest for manuscripts’ origins
  14. Chen, Hsuan-Yu & Yi-Hsiu Chen – Recovering the missing aura: The conservation strategy and treatment of Sakinu Ahronglong’s fire-damaged manuscripts
  15. Chen, Ying-Chern & Wan-Jen Lin – Customization of preservation policy for local literary institution: A case study of Zi-Xia Hall
  16. Clemens, Raymond, Richard Hark & Paula Zyats – The material history of Portolan maps
  17. Clemente, Michela & Federica Delìa – Analysis and conservation treatments of a Buddhist manuscript preserved in the Tucci Tibetan collection at the “IsIAO Library”
  18. Cruveillier, Laurent Gérard – Conserving six 17th-century MS OGDEN “doomed by design” manuscripts bound in parchment
  19. Dal Sasso, Eliana – The effect of the text-focused interest on the preservation of Coptic bookbinding
  20. Delmulle, Jérémy, Hanno Wijsman, Krista Murchison, Claudia Rabel & Joanna Fronska – Caring for lost manuscripts
  21. Estrada Valadez, Tania & Patricia de la Garza Cabrera – The conservation and digitisation of a Choir Book of 1715: A passion to be revealed
  22. Fadlan, Muhammad Nida' – Digitising Javanese-Islamic manuscripts among Sundanese people: The Dreamsea Project in Kuningan, Indonesia
  23. Fener, Esra – Papermaking in the Islamic world: A paper typology
  24. France, Fenella G., Andrew Forsberg & Pádraig Ó Macháin – Over and under: Revealing the inner workings of the Irish manuscript tradition
  25. French, Mary & Bexx Caswell-Olson – Hidden layers: Conservation of a 16-17th-century Kashmiri birch bark manuscript
  26. Fuchs, Robert & Doris Oltrogge – A view into a 13th-century workshop for book illumination
  27. Gillis, John – Hidden in plain sight: The binding boards of the Book of Armagh
  28. Gkinni, Zoitsa – Ethics and decision making in the conservation of codices
  29. Glindvad, Esben Bukh – A comparative technical analysis of pigments used in 12 mediaeval manuscripts from The Arnamagnaean Collection
  30. Graham, Sarah – The registers of the Archbishops of Armagh: Assessing condition, composition and previous repairs to inform future treatment
  31. Havelange, Lisa – Technical approach to illuminated manuscripts: how archaeometry, acrophotography, transmitted light photography and a practical approach to illumination painting can contribute to the understanding of both materials and artist's workshop techniques
  32. Hepworth, Paul – The Shah Tahmasp album: Its makers and their intentions
  33. Hofmann, Christa, Dubravka Jembrih-Simbürger, Maurizio Aceto, Jiří Vnouček & Thomas Rainer – Questions to Dagulf
  34. Kaladgew, Marie, Paulina Kralka & Marya Muzart – Rethinking digitisation as a preservation strategy: Lessons learnt from the Lotus Sutra project at the British Library 2017-2022
  35. Karafotias, Theofanis & Fakhera Ahmed Mubarak AlKindi – Recycled materials in manuscripts: The case of the Pierre Barbatre “Account of a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land” from the Louvre Abu Dhabi collection
  36. Kassaye, Salsawit Assefa – Critical review on Ethiopic manuscripts microfilming and digitization projects: for a policy-learning tool
  37. Kidane Sahile, Wosenseged – Care and conservation: Indigenous methods of preserving manuscripts
  38. Kobel, Chantal – Paper use and print influence in Irish legal manuscripts, c. 1500–1800
  39. Kondo, Yoshiko & Luana Maekawa – Treatment strategies and decisions: Conservator's choices in iron gall ink preservation
  40. Lévêque, Élodie, Sarah Fiddyment, Antoine Brix & Alberto Campagnolo – Cambrai medieval manuscripts and bindings
  41. Lin, Wan-Jen & Bor-Tung Jiang – An interdisciplinary approach of preventive conservation: Automated visual recognition for deterioration on manuscripts
  42. McKee, Keira, Eileen Tisdall & Kathryn Rudy – Pollen in the gutter: Preliminary efforts to locate and identify pollen in a 16th-century manuscript as evidence of provenance
  43. Miller, Ann-Marie – A stitch in time: Conserving the fabric sample books for the Liberty Archive
  44. Minicka, Mary – A tale of two bookbinders: A reclamation of artisan history at the Cape of Good Hope, 1795–1860
  45. Pasnak, Ekaterina – Stationery bindings from the Norwegian Sea Archive, University Library of Bergen
  46. Pelissari, Marina & Rachel Sawicki – Curious cures: The conservation of medieval medical manuscripts in Cambridge libraries
  47. Pinheiro, Catarina, Ana Teresa Caldeira, Catarina Fernandes Barreira & Conceição Casanova – Parchment biodeterioration: Recent advances and contributions
  48. Prince, Clare – Unkindest cuts: The conservation of a recently vandalised twelfth-century Bible leaf
  49. Paasche, Marianne & Sverre Andreas Fekjan – The charter collection: Care, management and stretching the limits
  50. Quandt, Abigail – A living tradition: An introduction to the production and use of manuscripts in Ethiopia from the sixth century to the present day
  51. Rábai, Krisztina – "...sculptor et fabricator falsorum sigilorum emanatorque et scriptor falsarum litterarum...": Forged charters in the 14th-century Hungarian Kingdom: Investigation of a crime in the past and the present
  52. Robinet, Laurianne, Jocelyne Deschaux, Aurélie Tournié, Gaël Latour, Anne Michelin, Sylvie Heu-Thao, Christine Andraud & Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein – The Mappa Mundi of Albi: Materials identification of an 8th-century manuscript
  53. Roversi Monaco, Camilla & Carlotta Letizia Zanasi – Restoration and digitization of a 13th-century parchment psalter housed at the Municipal Library of Imola
  54. Saada, Nagah Sabry – Eco-friendly nanomaterials evaluation and utilization for sustainable preservation of documentary heritage based on parchment against microbial biodeterioration
  55. Sánchez Hernampérez, Arsenio & Stefanos Kroustallis – Art technology and conservation strategies: The material study of the Madrid Skylitzes Byzantine Manuscript
  56. Sarris, Nikolas – Conserving a Byzantine manuscript in an early 16th-century Cretan binding from the Michael Apostolis workshop
  57. Sidoti, Alessandro – The conservation of the Jewish Scroll of the National Library of Florence
  58. Singh, Surjit – Technical analysis of colouring materials used in the preparation of black and red inks for writing historical Gurmukhi Manuscripts
  59. Smedemark, Signe Hjerrild – The application of gels to remove repairs in manuscripts
  60. Smith, Holly & Katerina Williams – Twists, turns and tackets: Designing and undertaking a survey to study The National Archives’ (UK) early limp parchment binding collection
  61. Stassinou, Angeliki, Konstantinos Choulis, Ioannis Kokkonas & Georgia Alexopoulou – Parchment covers and leather tackets: Notarial bindings from the General State Archives of Greece
  62. Tavadze, Shorena & Lela Shatirishvili – Structural codicological study of one Georgian manuscript preserved at K. Kekelidze National Center of Manuscripts
  63. Valero, Claire – The IOR/F collection from the Adam Matthew digitisation project at the British Library: Managing workflow and collaborations
  64. van der Randen, Godelieva – The stratification of historic repairs: Complex decisions in the conservation of the 11th-century Materia Medica
  65. Vnouček, Jiří, Matthew Teasdale & Sarah Fiddyment – Parchment of Icelandic manuscripts
  66. Volmering, Nicole – Ruling and pricking in Irish manuscripts: An evaluation of practice in manuscripts dating pre-900
  67. Warrington, Bridget & James D. Sargan – The Castle Acre processional: Assessing 15th-century oak boards and historical slip repairs using micro-CT scanning and carbon dating
  68. Watanabe, Mariko – Conservation of a diary written by a British civilian internee in Singapore
  69. Watteeuw, Lieve – Touched, sworn, used and restored: The study and conservation of the 11th-century illuminated Evangeliarium of Susteren
  70. Zanetti, Melania, Anne-Laurence Dupont & Alfonso Zoleo – New technologies for the conservation of fire-damaged manuscript heritage
  71. Zhang, Meifang, Xin Song & Chen Yu – A comparative study of palm leaf manuscripts in Tibet and Yunnan in China