Programme CC17 – University of Copenhagen

Programme CC17

The programme for Care and conservation 17 is still available.

Click on the dates below to see the programme for individual days, or download a PDF of the whole programme here.


10.00-12.00: Session 1

Lecture hall 22-0-11
Chair: Matthew Driscoll

Matthew Driscoll: Words of welcome

Guðvarður Már Gunnlaugsson: Maltreated manuscripts in the Arnamagnæan manuscript collection. 

Katarzyna Anna Kapitan: Dating post-medieval Icelandic manuscripts based on watermarks: A case study of selected 19th-century manuscripts of Hrómundar saga Gripssonar.

N. Kıvılcım Yavuz: Patterns and outliers: Late Antique Trojan narratives in medieval manuscript compilations.

William Christens-Barry, Michael Toth, Viðar Hreinsson: Preliminary spectral imaging of an early Icelandic map: Supports, conservation & scholarship.

12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-14.30: Session 2A

Lecture hall 22-0-11
Chair: Annette Lassen

Ayman Atat: Arabic medical manuscripts: Digitisation and cataloguing.

Marieka Kaye: Housing and handling oversized papyrus manuscripts.

Jiři Vnouček: Not all that shines like vellum is necessarily so.

13.00-14.30: Session 2B

Lecture Hall 21-0-54
Chair: Seán Vrieland

Chantal Kobel: The 'then' and the 'now': Glimpses into a late medieval Irish legal composite manuscript, TCD MS 1337 (H 3. 18).

Kristine Rose-Beers: Exploring the materiality of the early Islamic book: Preparing to conserve an early Qur'an manuscript in the collections of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty.

Sarah Kilroy: The Birmingham Qur'an manuscript: An introduction to the radiocarbon dating and conservation.

14.30-15.00: Break

15.00-17.00: Session 3A

Lecture hall 22-0-11
Chair: Gottskálk Jensson

Nil Baydar: Conservation treatment and codicological examination of an encyclopedic work consisting of 62 volumes from the 15th century: Kashf al-Bayān an Sifāt al-Hayawān.

Christopher Harvey: Collections within collections: Conservation of bindings of multiple manuscripts at the College of Arms Library, London. 

Rebecca Honold: Same, same but different: The history and conservation the 17th-century handwritten multi-volume catalogue of the Herzog August Library, Wolfenbüttel. 

Francesco Siri: Conservation within the Polonsky England and France Project: Actions carried out at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

15.00-17.00: Session 3B

Lecture Hall 21-0-54
Chair: Sheryl McDonald Werronen

Julia Poirier: A short review of Samaritan binding practices. 

Georgios Boudalis: The codex and crafts in Late Antiquity.

Elizabeth Sobczynski & Flavio Marzo: Preserving the oldest Coptic monastic collection in Egypt: The Deir al-Surian Library.

Giada Genua & Marco Di Bella: Codex MS02: Conservation of a restoration.

17.00-19.00: Reception in the foyer of Building 22.


8.30-10.00: Visit to the Arnamagnæan workshops (Groups 1, 2, 3)

Rooms 27-2-37 & 27-2-53
(Registration is required in advance.)

10.00-11.30: Session 4A

Lecture hall 22-0-11
Chair: Anne Mette Hansen

Yeghis Keheyan & Gayane Eliazyan: The restoration of the 1000-year-old Gospel of Tsughrut.

Jasdip Singh Dhillon: Sikh codices with Islamicate bindings: The development of a conservation approach.

Rosaria Castelletti, Silvia Foschetti & Marta Grimaccia: Preservation and conservation of the Marega collection in the Vatican Library: A multifaceted project.

10.00-11.30: Session 4B

Lecture hall 23-0-50
Chair: N. Kıvılcım Yavuz

Nancy Turner, Catherine Schmidt & Karen Trentelman: Documenting interventions in manuscript illuminations with macro-XRF scanning.

Alessandra Pasqualucci & Cristina Cicero: Integrating multispectral and thermographic imaging techniques to recover hidden details in deteriorated parchment manuscripts.

Robert Fuchs & Doris Oltrogge: Illuminating Bernward: Results from an art technological analysis of manuscripts from Ottonian Hildesheim. Part 1: Technical questions and conservation problems. Part 2: Art historical implications.

11.30-12.30: Visit to the Arnamagnæan workshops (Groups 4 & 5)

Rooms 27-2-37 & 27-2-53
(Registration is required in advance)

11.30-13.00: Lunch

13.00-15.00: Session 5A

Lecture hall 22-0-11
Chair: Annette Lassen

Patricia Engel: Decision-making process in the case of restoration/conservation of a parchment-bound codex at St. Florian Monastery library, Austria.

Diana Avelar Pires: The transforming role of the book conservator when dealing with manuscripts: The decision making and conservation treatments that contributed to the preservation of an account book from 1508 (ANTT, N.A. 810).

Aida Pereira: Behind the scenes of the exhibition "The Lisbon that could have been".

Jane Eagan: The Magdalen College Medieval Deeds Project: Conservation in the round and up a spiral staircase.

13.00-15.00: Session 5B

Lecture hall 23-0-50
Chair: Seán Vrieland

Christine McNair, Sheryl Guild & Crystal Maitland: The Salzinnes Antiphonal project continued: Treatment and exhibition of a 16th-century liturgical manuscript.

Kimberly Kwan: Small but bulky: A study on the rebinding of a portable 15th-century book of hours.

Cathie Magee: Contemplations on the conservation of the Saint Francis Missal.

Andrew Honey: Practice makes perfect: Lessons from the conservation of the Winchester Bible.

15.00-15.30: Break

15.30-17.00: Session 6A

Lecture hall 22-0-11
Chair: Tarrin Wills

Barbara Wills, Lucy Skinner & Elisabeth O’Connell: Conserving, analysing and studying the 'Hay Cookbook': revelations from magical ancient leather texts.

Heather Wacha, Alberto Campagnolo & Erin Connelly: Labeculae vivae: A reference library of stains found on medieval manuscripts.

Justine Provino: A medieval monster book: The history, treatment and rebinding of the Fountains Abbey Bestiary.

15.30-17.00: Session 6B

Lecture hall 23-0-50
Chair: Katarzyna Anna Kapitan

Nikolas Sarris, Zoitsa Gkinni & Christina Tsaroucha: A challenging move for the manuscripts of the National Library of Greece.

Solange Fitzgerald: The conservation of textile linings and seal cords: With a little help from textile and painting conservation.

Anna Arietta Revithi, Konstantinos Choulis & Efthymia Mikropoulou: An unusual primary tacket binding with a "woven effect" sewing.   Link to illustrations.

18.30-21.30: Buffet dinner at the Monks’ Cellar, University of Copenhagen main campus. Special registration required


09.30-11.30: Session 7A

Lecture hall 22-0-11
Chair: Gottskálk Jensson

Caroline Riberaigua & Marie Messager: Codicology and conservation issues of the Asian palm-leaf manuscripts of the Collège de France (Paris).

Eve Menei & Laurence Caylux: Conservation of the great medical papyrus Louvre E 32847.

Maja Kostadinovska & Eleni Novakovska: Old manuscripts, new values: Preservation aspects for the revaluation of music manuscripts of Macedonia composers in the music collection of the National and University Library in Skopje.

Paul Love: I heard they burned them: Rumour, secrecy and suspicion as challenges to manuscript conservation.

09.30-11.30: Session 7B

Lecture hall 23-0-50
Chair: Tarrin Wills

Jennifer Evers & Gwenanne Edwards: The conservation treatment of an American revolutionary war diary.

Cédric Lelièvre: To dust or not to dust? Benefits and losses of dry cleaning on manuscript registers.

Nikki Tomkins: Nicholas Crouch: Reconstructing the library of a 17th-century physician.

Karel Křenek & Jana Tvrzníková: RKZ: The Dvůr Králové and Zelená Hora manuscripts.

11.30-12.30 Lunch

12.30-14.00: Session 8

Lecture hall 23-0-50
Chair: Anne Mette Hansen

Karin Scheper & Paul Hepworth: Partial leather binding or Chaharkushe: Talking about Islamic manuscripts.

Miriam Rampazzo: Renaissance sunk-panel Commissioni Dogali: A Venetian fusion of Western and Middle- Eastern bookbinding features.

Vania Assis: Unfolding Tangut’s lost world: Preserving Tangut fragments from the Stein’s collection at the British Library.

14.00-14.30 Break

14.30-16.00: Session 9

Lecture hall 23-0-50
Chair: Matthew Driscoll

Konstantina Konstantinidou, Charles E. Jarvis & Sonia Schwoll: The conservation of Paul Hermann's 17th-century Sri Lankan drawings: A unique volume with many changes.

Matthew Collins, Sarah Fiddyment, Matthew Teasdale, Jiři Vnouček, Sean Doherty & Dan Bradley: The biology of the book: Future prospects for biology as a handmaiden to conservation.

Lynn Ransom: The New Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts Project: Results and lessons learned.

Closing remarks.