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D:PEF - Dialect in the periphery – University of Copenhagen

The media frequently proclaim the death of dialects: Because Danish is growing still more homogeneous; within a predictable future dialect usage will cease to exist in Denmark. But at the same time it is a usual experience and common knowledge that there continues to exist geographical determined linguistic variation in Denmark. So, why is that? 

In the project ”Dialect in the periphery: Bornholm, Northern Jutland and Southern Jutland” we examine the current status and usage of dialects in three Danish central dialect areas. The objective is to challenge the centre-periphery dichotomy in sociolinguistics and dialect research. In the three areas we will conduct fieldwork among younger and older dialect speakers in varying situations in schools and families as well as in online communication.

The research design is simple and set up in order to secure an overall comparability between the three subprojects. Read more about the project.