Production and Perception of Broken Grammar

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Language users do not always follow grammatical norms. Everyday texts contain atypical convention-breaking grammar, e.g. atypical usage of word order, grammatical words, derivations and inflections. At this seminar grammar researchers and researchers of second language acqusition will meet with psycholinguistics to discuss the nature of grammar anomalies and relevance of naturalistic grammar anomalies when conducting psycholinguistic experiments on grammar processing.

At this seminar we welcome all researchers and teachers with an interest in grammar anomaliincluding (but not limited to) researchers of second language acquisition, grammarians, psycholinguists and teachers at language schools.  

The seminar is organized by Broken Grammar and Beyond at NorS, UCPH.

Participation is free, but space is limited, so please register here before November 15th 2018.

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Read more about the project Broken Grammar and Beyond at Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (NorS), UCPH.



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Welcome and Outline of Broken Grammar & Beyond

Associate professor Line Burholt Kristensen, Broken Grammar and Beyond, University of Copenhagen

09:30- 10:15

Grammatical anomalies in Danish as a second language

PhD fellow, Katrine Falcon Søby, Broken Grammar and Beyond, University of Copenhagen


Coffee break


Perspectives on L2 learning: Evidence from empirical research

Professor Mila Vulchanova & Valentin Vulchanov, Language Acquistion and Language Processing Lab, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway


Neural correlates of broken expectations in language and beyond

Associate professor Mikkel Wallentin, Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience and Center for Semiotics, Aarhus University


Discussion followed by lunch