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From the airport to Central Copenhagen

  • Train: Take the train on track 2 (in direction of Nivå st.), departures from the airport and arrives at Hovedbanegården (Central station) and Nørreport st.
  • Metro: Take line M2 (in direction of Vanløse st.). The Metro has several city stops including Kongens Nytorv and Nørreport st.
  • Bus: Take bus 5A  (in direction of Husum Torv). This bus stops among other places at Hovedbanegården (Central Station), Rådhuspladsen and Nørreport st.

You’ll find the metro- and train station in the end of Terminal 3 shown on the map below. Terminal 3 is the arrival area. When you enter this area from the baggage area you have to  go straight until you reach an escalator. The metro station is up that escalator. If you want to  go by train there are exits to the train to the left and to the right, right before the escalator to  the metro.

The travel time from Kastrup (Copenhagen airport) to Central Copenhagen is less than 15  minutes. 

From Central Copenhagen to Copenhagen University, Southern Campus

  • Metro: Take line M1 (in direction of Vestamager) from f.ex. stations at Nørreport or Kogens Nytorv and get off at Islands Brygge st. From here it takes approximately 5 min. to walk to the campus.
  • Bus: Take line 12 (in direction of Femøren st. or Hedegaardsvej) or line 33 (in direction of Søvang or Rønnevej) and get off at Islands Brygge st. (Universitetet). From here it takes approximately 5 min. to walk to the campus.

The distance between Islands Brygge st and Copenhagen University, Southern Campus

On this page you can read about tickets, travel and tourist information and customer service:

Payment of public transportation

Below you’ll find a map containing the zones used in the public transport of Copenhagen. Central Copenhagen is zone 1, Southern Campus lies in zone 3 and Kastrup Airport lies in zone 4. You must buy a ticket before you get on the bus, train or metro. You can buy your ticket at the places listed below:

  • Vending machines at the stations. You can i.e. find a vending machine at the airport and Central Station. The machines take cash and the most common credit cards. You’ll find personal assistance at the airport and Central Station at the DSB Salg counters.
  • 7-Eleven shops at the stations.
  • You can buy your ticket before your travel or on the way by downloading the app “DOT Mobilbilletter’’ (Hovedstaden) to you Android phone or iPhone. You can type in your destination or the wanted number of zones and pay by typing in your account details.
  • You can buy a bus ticket from the bus driver (not possible in the metro).

Single trip ticket
You have to buy the needed number of zones before boarding the means of transport. A ticket valid in zone 2 and zone 3 is valid for 1 hour. A ticket valid in zone 4, 5 and 6 is valid for 1½ hour. A ticket valid in zone 7, 8 and 9 is valid for 2 hours. During this period of time you can use your ticket as much as you want in all of the means of transport but remember that your travel is limited to the bought zones. A ticket costs between DKK 24 (two zones) and DKK 108 (all zones). A two-zone ticket covers the must of Central Copenhagen.

24-hours all-zone ticket
You can use this type of ticket unlimited in the period of 24 hours in all zones including Roskilde, Helsingør and parts of the northern part of Zealand. A 24-hours adult ticket costs DKK 130.

City Pass
You can use this type of ticket unlimited in all means of transport in zone 1, 2, 3 and 4. These zones covers Central Copenhagen and the transport to and from the airport. A City Pass valid for 24 hours costs DKK 80 and a City Pass valid for 72 hours costs DKK 200. The ticket is valid from the time of purchase. You can buy your City Pass at the places mentioned above, or follow this link: . You’ll receive a SMS with your ticket which can be used right away.

Copenhagen Card
You can use this type of ticket unlimited in all means of transport in all zones within the Copenhagen Region. Beyond that you’ll get admission to 72 of the greats attraction and museums plus discounts at restaurants, sights, car rental and more.

Car parking

An arrangement has been made, so that free parking on Parking lot C is possible during the conference. To find Parking Lot C: Drive on Amager Fælledvej, turn and follow Rued Langgaardsvej. In the first building on Rued Langgardsvej, there is an open driveway taking you under the building. Drive under the building, through Parking lot D continuing straight to find Parking Lot C. Do NOT park on Parking lot D, where fines are regularly distributed. The free parking exception on university parking lots applies only to Parking lot C.

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All participants are recommended to book accommodation as soon as possible. There are no collaborating hotels with special rates for conference attendants. However you can find the necessary information here:

Tourist in Copenhagen

Hotels in Copenhagen

We recommend using Tripadvisor for searching after hotels (Link), and for a cheaper option Tripadvisor can also be used for searching after hostels (Link).

Below are some examples of hostels and hotels with a convenient location in relation to the university: