Studying journalist interns

Seminar and workshop at the University of Copenhagen
27th – 28th November 2014


When educating new journalists, an important part of the training takes place when the journalist students do their internship. In this socialisation process, what the students learn, and what values are either enforced, reinforced or abandoned, is crucial to the future of educating journalists and the future of journalism. Yet, we do not know much about the process as a whole: From when the students enter the journalism education to the stage at which they practice journalism professionally.

The goal of the seminar is to bring together Nordic and European journalism researchers and journalism educators to share knowledge on the topic of interns as part of journalism education. We aim to establish a network of scholars and practitioners with a specific interest in studying and educating journalist students and interns, in gaining knowledge about their self-understanding, their perceptions of their jobs and education, the socialisation processes they find themselves in, their professional knowledge and professional practice – and other interesting topics concerning internships.

These areas have not received that much attention so far within journalism research. We hope to change this by offering a venue for networking and discussing research, theory and practice. Especially, we welcome cross-disciplinary research and projects using mixed methods. Hopefully, this can create possibilities for future seminars and collaborations across boarders – geographical borders as well as theoretical and methodological ones.

This event at the University of Copenhagen will be a mixture of presentations (20 minutes talk and 10 minutes for discussion), plenaries from researchers and practitioners, and workshops focusing on both the topic for the seminar and on future research and collaboration possibilities. 

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