Student guidance

The student guidance offers guidance via telephone and by personal attendance. You can also send us an email. All guidance is confidential. However, we are obliged to report examination fraud.

You find us here

Room 22.2.49
Emil Holms Kanal 2, 2300 Copenhagen S.

Phone: +45 35 32 83 21

Opening hours

Fall semester 2019

Phone calls
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 09:00-10:00

Personal inquiries
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:30-15:00

Mails will be answered within 5 weekdays.


Student guidance is closed during the autumn break (week 42: 14 – 18 October).

Who is here and when?

The student guidance counsellors are here on alternating days. If you need to talk to a specific person, please send and email well in advance to find out when that guidance counsellor will be in the office.

The guidance counsellors are:

Maria Ansager Jensen - Academic student and careers adviser
Lucy Møller - Academic guidance and career counsellor