Semester Danish Language Courses

The Semester Courses take place during the study terms from September-December and from February-May.

Only students enrolled at the University of Copenhagen will be accepted to these courses.

Danish classes:

Duration: Classes take place twice a week (6 lessons a week) in late afternoon or early evening.
Week days and times: Mondays & Wednesday or Tueday & Thursday at 16.15-18.50 or at 19.00-21.35.
Contents and aims: See general information or curriculum
Form of teaching:
classroom instruction, group and pair work.
Language of instruction: Danish
Levels offered: Beginners’ level 1, Beginners’ level 2, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate. For more information about the different levels see the curriculum.
Form of evaluation: Oral test (50%) and written test (50%). Test admission requires participation in a minimum of 80% of the total number of Danish language instruction classes.

How and when to apply:

You can register for the course via the registration form. A link to this registration form will be present in the right hand box during the registration period. You can only apply during this period.

Please notice the deadline!

N.B.: It is not a guarantee that your allocated class will match your time-preferences! However, we will endeavor to meet all preferences.

Final Registration:

The Final Registration takes place during the week before the course starts. Final Registration will be held on two different days, and you only need to show up on one of the days to make your final registration.

Information about classes - such as timetable, classroom, name of teacher, etc. - will be given to you, and books for the course can be purchased as well.

All exchange students will have their course registrations checked at Final Registration. The University of Copenhagen has approved a minimum and maximum credit range of 22.5 to 35 ECTS per semester. The Pre-Semester Danish Language Course are not included in the autumn and spring semester credit limits. - If your course registrations exceed 35 ECTS in either the autumn or spring semester, you will be asked to withdraw from a course in order to proceed with registration in the Semester Danish Language Course.