General information

The Danish Language Courses are offered to international exchange, guest and full degree students enrolled at the University of Copenhagen. International guest and full degree students can attend the courses on a fee-paying basis.

Contents and aims

The courses in Danish as a Foreign Language for International Students at the University of Copenhagen consist of intensive language instruction classes. Danish is studied and taught as a foreign language for communicative as well as academic purposes. In accordance with a discursive view of language and a primarily cognitive view of language acquisition the courses integrate theoretical knowledge of lexicon, grammar and phonology in the process of developing communicative competences in modern Danish, spoken and written.

Curriculum (pdf)

The following levels are offered

Beginners’ level 1      (equals A1 on the CEFR-scale)
Beginners’ level 2      (equals A2 on the CEFR-scale)
Lower Intermediate   (equals B1 on the CEFR-scale)
Upper Intermediate   (equals B2 on the CEFR-scale)

  • Please note that the Beginners’ level 1 and the Beginners’ level 2 are two different levels: Beginners’ level 1 is for you who do not have any or only very little knowledge of Danish. Beginners’ level 2 is for you who have a little experience with Danish or for you who already completed a level 1 Danish Language Course.

Students can apply to all levels for both the Pre-Semester and the Semester Courses; however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to run the level applied for. Please notice that some levels may not be set up due to a lack of students signing up for them. This might happen for the Lower and Upper Intermediate levels. However, we strongly recommend students to apply nonetheless - you will recieve more information about wheather or not the level you have applied for will be set up when we reach the registration deadline.


All classes take place at The University of Copenhagen, South Campus, 2300 København S.

Any changes of this will be announced to students enrolled in the courses right before the beginning of a course.

The Danish Language Courses coordinators / Contact

Maja Skovrup Becher: Course coordinator (substitute for Nikoline)
Nikoline K. Jespersen:
Course coordinator, room 22.2.55. (will be on maternity leave from the end of September 2020)
Juni Arnfast: Academic coordinator, room 22.3.22. (will be on leave from the department from September 2020)

For any questions or inquiries concerning the Danish Language Courses please write to: 

For inquiries or questions about your studies at The University of Copenhagen or enrollment please contact the International Office: