Study rooms and facilities

Students at the department are offered a number of study facilities at the department in building 22. There are study facilities in special study rooms, in the departments library and in the hall area on the ground floor.

  • Study facilities in the library - 2nd to 4th floor. Entrance from 2nd floor

  • Study room 22.0.54 neighbouring the departmental cafe

  • Study rooms facing Njalsgade: 22.2.04, 22.3.04, 22.4.04 og 22.5.04.
    Room 22.2.04 - entrance through the library entrance. For all students.
    Room 22.3.04 for students in Language Psychology, Linguistics, Indo-European and Gender Studies.
    Room 22.4.04 for students in audiologopedics
    Room 22.5.04 for students in Finnish Studies and Indo-European

  • Study facilities in room 22.2.16. Entrance through the library entrance

  • Study facilities for students in Indo-European in room 22.5.26.