The Book of Books: Hernando Colón's Libro de los Epítomes

The principal aim of the Book of Books project is the production of a bilingual edition, both in digital and print form, of the recently discovered Libro de los epítomes, a collection of summaries of the books in the library of Hernando Colón, son of the famous navigator Christopher Columbus.

The recent discovery of the Libro de los epítomes is one of the most exciting developments in early modern book history for decades. The edition and translation of the Libro will make this important book accessible to wider audience, and will reveal much about the book trade in early modern Europe.















About the project

The project is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation

Project period: 1 May 2020 – 30 April 2023

PI: Matthew Driscoll, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics

Co-PI: Morten Heiberg, Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies


Name Title Phone E-mail
Borreda, Joana-Isabel Duyster Postdoc +4560900544 E-mail
Driscoll, Matthew James Professor +4535328471 E-mail
Gnasso, Alessandro Research Assistant   E-mail
Heiberg, Morten Rievers Professor +4535328618 E-mail
Malaspina, Matilde Postdoc +4535321519 E-mail