PhD fellows and projects


Current projects



Year of defense

Sofie Jeholm

PhD project as part of the collectve project "Loving Attachment: Regulating Danish Love Migration" 2020

Simon Bierring Lange

PhD project as part of the collectve project "Video mediated interaction in professional settings" 2020

Ann Merrit Rikke Nielsen

PhD project as part of the collectve project "Video mediated interaction in professional settings" 2020

Thomas L.W. Toft

Office design. Materiality, objects and the social role of places in companies 2020

Kristiane Hauer

Reading in literary teaching as a way to strengthen concentration in primary school 2020

Marie Herget Christensen

Splitting in Danish spoken language


Stine Fuglsang Engmose

The role of the teacher and the computer in invented spelling instruction with or without feedback. How best to improve early spelling development? Read abstract


Maria Jung Barrett

Modeling subjective relevance from eye movements when reading microblogs 2018

Katarzyna Anna Kapitan

Hrómundar saga Gripssonar. A Study of its origin, transmission and reception 2018

Lars-Jakob Harding Kællerød

The Danish middle name and its establishment in the 19 century


Camilla Falk Rønne Nissen

Language policy from below - a linguistic ethnographic study of university students' perception of internationalization


Marie-Louise Lind Sørensen

A typology of complementation based on the contrast between propositions and state-of-affairs


Anna-Sofie Hartling

Is there something called Argentina Danish? An analysis of convergence and nonconvergence in spoken Danish in Argentina


Tobias Mosbæk Søborg

The cladistic position of Anatolian
PhD project as part of the collective project The Homeland: in the footsteps of the early Indo-Europeans


Astrid Ag

Ideologies, norms, and practices in youth poly-languaging 


Martin Sejer Danielsen

The life og place names in time and context 2017

Louise Kammacher

Language, gender and identity work among high school students. A sociolinguistic ethnographic study of interactional identity constructions and negotiations in a gender perspective 2017

Astrid Ravn Skovse

An investigation of the articulation of place, mobility practice and genderedness among youngsters in urban and rural zones


Sean Douglas Vrieland

The Corpus of Old Gutnish: Text and Lexicon


Hanne Sæderup Pedersen


Talking about depression: GPs' and psychiatrists' representations of patients.


Byurakn Ishkhanyan 

The role of Broca's area in non-linguistic background information processing 2017

Johanna Lindell

Direct, indirect and assumed communicative pressure in doctor-patient interviews: significance
for the prescription of antibiotics in medical practice.


Line Dahl Jørgensen

Early Parent-Implemented Intervention - A study of effect on vocabulary and consonant inventory in children with cleft palate.


Liv Otto Hassert 

The Global Project Leader. 2017

Jacob Ølgaard Nyboe

Strange Signatures – on Genre Signature in Contemporary Literature. 2017

Thomas Nørreby 

Globalized ethnicities – A linguistic ethnographic study of ethnic identifications at two elementary schools in late modern Copenhagen. Read abstract


Thomas Ousterhout

The temporal and spatial cortical localization for recognition of gesture types, and their contextual prioritization under automatic processing 2017