Completed projects


NRICH   European Networking Resources and Information concerning Cultural Heritage

Stories for all time: The Icelandic fornaldarsögur


Computer-assisted instruction in early reading instruction
Funded by the Danish Ministry of Education
Contact: Mads Poulsen

Development of Speed in Reading 
Collective project financed by the University of Copenhagen's Programme of Excellence
Contact:  Carsten Elbro

Early identification of children at risk for reading disabilities 
Collective project financed by the National Board of Social Services, the Foundation Trygfonden and the Danish Ministry of Education.
Contact: Anna Steenberg Gellert

Cloze testing of advanced reading comprehension 
Collective project financed by the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment.
Contact:  Carsten Elbro

Refinement of sound processing in cochlear implants
Industrial postdoctoral project financed by the Innovation Foundation, DNSL and Oticon
Contact: David Morris


Danish Edition History
Collective project financed by the Velux Foundation
Contact: Johnny Kondrup

Danish food: A linguistic ethnographic exploration of globalized yet national discourses and materialities 
Support for field expeditions from the Carlsberg Foundation
Contact: Martha Sif Karrebæk

Enhancing spatial navigation in blind and visually impaired individuals using Google Glass 
Collective project financed by the Synoptik-Foundation
Contact: Brian Due

Forensic Linguistics in Denmark and the US 
Research network: "International Network Programme”-grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science
Contact: Tanya Karoli Christensen

Mother tongue education for linguistic minority pupils in the super-diverse metropolis of Copenhagen 
Collective project financed by the Danish Council for Independent Research, Sapere Aude career programme DFF Starting Grant
Contact: Martha Sif Karrebæk

Creativity and Dynamics in the Processes of Language Conventionalization
Collective research project, financed by the Danish Council for Independent Research.
Contact: Sprog i tid og kontekst

Near internationalization project 
Collaboration between INSS and SOL-centrum, the University of Lund, financed by EUs Interreg IV-programme

Peter Seeberg's (1925-1999) reception of Friedrich Nietzsche 
ostdoctoral project financed by the Velux Foundation.
Contact: Anders Juhl Langscheidel Rasmussen

Satirical experiments and Danish Romanticism 1800-1860 
Postdoctoral project financed by the Carlsberg Foundation.
Contact: Mads Sohl Jessen

Echo over the Atlantic 
Postdoctoral Postdoctoral project financed by the Velux Foundation and the Faroese Research Council.
Contact: Bergur Rønne Moberg


Language and Place – Linguistic Variation in Urban and Rural Denmark (LaPUR)
Contakt: Pia Quist

Indo-European studies

Individual, kin and family in prehistoric Europe - what words can tell 
Collective project financed by the Velux Foundation
Contact:  Birgit Anette Rasmussen

Talking neolithic - Recovering the Language of the First European Farmers 
Postdoctoral project financed by the Danish Council for Independent Research, Sapere Aude career programme DFF-Research Talent 2012.
Contact: Guus Kroonen

Language Technology


Language and Cognition - Perspectives from Impairment (LaCPI) 
Financed by the Danish Council for Independent Research.
Contact:  Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen

PROGRAM - Information PROminence and GRAMmar in mind and brain
ollective project financed by the University of Copenhagen's 2016 Pool
Contact:  Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen

Speaker(in)securities in Sign Language 
Individual project financed by the Oticon Foundation.
Contact: Contact:  Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen

Name research / Onomastics

DigDag  – Digital Atlas of the historic-adminstrative geography of Denmarks


Danish Runic Inscriptions

Psychology of Language 

Communicative Pressure for Antibiotics: Conversational Negotiation in 'Out-of-Hours'-settings, collective project under University of Copenhagen Research Centre for Control of Antibiotic Resistance (UC-CARE) (financed by the University of Copenhagen's 2016 Pool)
Contact: Søren Beck Nielsen and Jan Scheuer