Maria Jørgensen
Maria Jørgensen

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Project title: Philology, a Logical Affect? On Literature and Philology in Anne Carson and Vladimir Nabokov
Project start: 1. september 2013
Supervisor: Charles Lock

My PhD project explores recent literary works which use philology as a motive and as a literary device, namely Anne Carson’s book object Nox (2010) and Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Pale Fire (1962). My reading strategy could be described with a chiasmus. On the one hand I wish to read literature with philology: How are philological techniques (e.g. commentary, textual criticism, emendation, manuscript description) deployed in the works of Carson and Nabokov? On the other hand I wish to read philology with literature. This attempt could be described as a reversal of the analytic gaze: What happens when the object – the literary work – looks back at the reading subject, the philologist? How is philology portrayed by literature? My aim is thus to tease out a literary contribution to that which Friedrich Schlegel called “the philosophy of philology”.

I have a “magisterkonferens” in Comparative Literature from the University of Copenhagen, and I also studied at Freie Universität Berlin and Paris VII. After graduating, I worked as an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen and as an editor at The Grundtvig Study Centre, University of Aarhus, and Forlaget Vandkunsten.

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