Adverbials in Extra-left position in spoken Danish

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The article describes the distribution of fronted adverbial constituents in Danish in the Prefield and the Extra-left (‘left dislocation’) positions, for example, i morgen der skal vi i skole vs i morgen skal vi i skole ‘tomorrow we go to school’. The data, 635 sentences with a fronted adverbial, are extracted from seven sociolinguistic interviews. The article shows that some types of adverbials more are more inclined to occur in the Extra-left position than others. For example, conditional clauses and ‘when’-clauses occur almost always in the Extra-left position. Attitude and manner adverbials like heldigvis ‘luckily’ and traditionelt ‘traditionally’ occur infrequently in Extra-left position. Contrary to what has been suggested in the literature, a prin¬ciple of lexical weight does not have much explanatory power. Instead, grammatical principles and principles related to informational backgrounding provide satisfying explanations for the distribution.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusSubmitted - 2025

ID: 391632947