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Language and Place. November 2015

Dear friends, - advisory board, colleagues and partners,

After finishing fieldwork in Bylderup and Vollsmose, the LaPUR project is now moving into a new phase in which data analysis is our primary concern. We have had a hectic autumn with conferences and seminars, and right now, we are all busy preparing for the first visit from our advisory board in December.

Please enjoy our fourth newsletter with updates on our activities in autumn 2015.

Best regards,

Ida and Pia


Seminar: Bylderup, October 5th

As follow-up on the Odense seminar earlier this year, we met with our partner Anja Jørgensen from Aalborg University, on October the 5th, for a one-day seminar focusing on Bylderup and the various data collected there.

The idea of the seminar was to compare and discuss all the so far collected knowledge about Bylderup and Sønderjylland as a place.

Malene and Henrik presented a first – and very promising – analysis of dialect features in the Bylderup data, and Astrid presented some initial results of her fascinating map-study.
Anja gave us invigorating shots of sociological vitamins with her talk on new perspectives on ruralty. Indeed useful and very timely for us right now.

Find the programme here (in Danish).

Autumn sun shining on the LaPUR group at Hotel Kong Arthur where the Bylderup seminar took place. Ida is the invisible photographer.


Astrid and Malene's visit at Bern University, October

October 16th to 17th Astrid and Malene participated in the conference Transcultural Urban Spaces - Where Geography meets Language held at University of Bern.

The aim of the conference was to connect scholars across various disciplines – particularly Linguistics and Geography. Astrid presented her paper with the title: Where are you heading, boys and girls? On the interplay between place, everyday mobility, linguistic practice and gender in rural and urban Denmark.

Find the conference programme here.

After the conference Malene stayed in Bern and visited David Britain and his group of PhD students to conduct a work shop on Peripheral Dialects. Malene presented the paper: Language use among adolescents in the Danish periphery - Preliminary results from Southern Jutland and received fruitful comments from the group.


Workshop: Prosody, October 28th

Preparing the linguistic analyses of the Vollsmose data it has become clear that we need to sophisticate our description and analysis of the prosodic variation we observe. We therefor invited Professor Eivind Torgersen from Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, to participate in a workshop on prosodic variation. 
Eivind has great experience in quantifying variation in speech rhythm and voice quality, and – although different from the prosodic variation we find in Vollsmose – Eivind’s presentation was very inspirational and lead to fruitful discussions about phonetic quantifying measurements.

Eivind Torgersen presenting.

Eivind Torgersen presenting.


Pia and Astrid’s participation at MultiNord no. 5, November 6th

Astrid and Pia participated in the fifth MultiNord seminar on multilingual practices in Scandinavia at Lysebu in Oslo. Astrid presented a brand new study of the use of wallah among adolescents in Vollsmose. The talk was positively received and generated constructive questions and discussions - read her presentation Wallah - Portræt af en term here (in Danish).


Proposal for panel for SS21

Malene and Pia has submitted a proposal for a thematic panel at the next Sociolinguistics Symposium in Spain 2016. The title of the proposed panel is ‘Place and Mobility in Sedentaristic Europe’, and the program includes:

1.   Malene Monka & Pia Quist, University of Copenhagen: Introduction: Place and Mobility in Sedentaristic Europe (20 minutes) 

2.   David Britain, University of Bern: Still moving?: Sedentarist tendencies in sociolinguistic research on the geographical diffusion of innovations (20 minutes)

3.   Lotte Thiessen, Maastricht University: Language-cultural place-making and (un)belonging in times of mobility in Roermond, the Netherlands (20 minutes) 

4.   Lauren Hall-Lew, University of Edinburgh: Packaged Place: Tour guides, tourists, and the commodified negotiation of nativeness (20 minutes)

5.   Astrid Ravn Skovse & Dirk Hovy, University of Copenhagen: Mapping Senses of Place in Urban and Rural Denmark (20 minutes)

6.   Emma Moore, University of Sheffield: Standard English and the negotiation of localness in an 'isolated' community (20 minutes)

7.  Discussant: Penelope Eckert, Stanford University (30 minutes)

Please find the abstract here. We will have to wait until January to know whether or not our proposal is accepted. We cross our fingers.


MA-student Jesper has graduated

Our MA-student Jesper Tage Wiingaard has handed in his master thesis and was awarded with the top mark, 12! Congratulations to Jesper.

Read his abstract here.

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