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Language and Place. July 2016.

Dear friends, - advisory board, colleagues and partners,

Here’s the latest update from the LaPUR team. It’s been a hectic semester with travels, conferences and not least what feels like endless data processing. Astrid has just returned from a four months stay at UCLA; Malene and Pia organized a colloquium on language, place and mobility at the Sociolinguistics Symposium in June. You can read about that and more in this the sixth LaPUR newsletter. 

We wish you all a wonderful summer. 

The LaPUR team

Malene's visit at University of Zürich

In December 2015 Malene visited the University of Zürich. Here she presented the LaPUR-project and preliminary quantitative results from Bylderup. After the talk there was a fruitful discussion with members of the audience, some of which were colleagues from the URPP Language and Space-project.

SS21 Colloquium

At the recent Sociolinguistics Symposium in Murcia, Malene and Pia chaired the colloquium “Language, Place and Mobility in Sedentaristic Europe”. Malene and Pia gave an introduction to the theme of the colloquium (pp here), Astrid presented results from her mapping tests, and advisory board member Lauren Hall-Lew presented her fabulous work on dialects, sedentarism and tourism in Scotland. The full programme and abstracts can be downloaded here.

David Britain presenting.

Astrid presenting her work with maps representing participant's sense(s) of place.

The colloquium: Penny Eckert, Malene, Pia, Lauren Hall-Lew, Astrid and Emma Moore

Conferences and workshops

In April Pia participated in the conference Language, Indexicality and Belonging at Oxford University with a presentation of data from Vollsmose, and later in a workshop on Dialect acquisition and Migration at Center for Multilingualism in Society across a Lifespan in Oslo (read her presentation)Abstracts from the workshop are available here.

At the conference Geographic grounding - Place, direction and landscape in the grammars of the world Henrik Hovmark talked about Landscapes and spatial situation types. 

Astrid's stay at UCLA

Astrid just returned from her research visit at the Department of Anthropology, UCLA, where she spent the Winter Quarter embedded in discussions, workshops and courses on trends and foundations in linguistic anthropology under the supervision of Professor Norma Mendoza-Denton.

The department offered an open and inviting atmosphere which encouraged discussions and interactions among faculty and students alike, and Astrid presented her work in the Discourse Lab, a weekly workshop led by Marjorie Goodwin. Astrid took part in the weekly course “Genealogies of Language and Power”, which challenged and developed  her language skills and communicative power profoundly.

While in Los Angeles, Astrid has finished a first draft of an article discussing the concept of “local language” in the case of Vollsmose, alongside partaking in academic life on campus and enjoying the beaches and the sunshine with her family while not working.

View of UCLA on a sunny day in January.

Dialect features in Bylderup - work in progress

Henrik and Malene have finished coding all 28 Bylderup-informants' use of 7 dialect variables (phonological, morphological, lexical) in the two interview settings, i.e. with a standard speaking and a dialect speaking interviewer respectively.

The quantitative results show so far:
1) that some of the young people (mostly boys, but also some girls) use quite a lot of dialect variants in both interviews, 
2) that some of the informants code-switch between the two settings, and 
3) that some use standard Danish in both interviews.

The results will be published in Danish in the 2016-edition of Danske Talesprog and will form the base for further investigations and interpretations of the relationship between language and place in Bylderup.

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