Thursday 14 April 2016

8.30-9.30: Open House at the Arnamagnæan Workshops

9.30-11.00: Session 1A in Lecture Hall 22-0-11

Chair: Sean Vrieland

Daina Ragauskienė, Medeina Steponavičiūtė and Aušra Čiuladienė: Books in 17th-century Lithuania: Investigation of vegetable tanned bookbinding and bookblock components

Arkadiusz Knapik, Tomasz Zacharski, Tatjana Timčenko and Greta Keraitė: Chemical evaluation of disinfection with essential oils based on Vilnius University Library experience

9.30-11.00: Session 1B in Lecture Hall 23-0-50

Chair: Beeke Stegmann

Teresa Espejo Arias and L. Crespo Arcá: The experience of matting single parchment documents for exhibition: The case of the 'Capitulaciones de Almería'

Marco Fagiolo: Codicological study and restoration of the manuscript found INV.1093 in the Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale "Giuseppe Tucci" of Rome

Kelli Piotrowski: Unfurled: The conservation of English manor rolls

11.00-12.00: Poster Session outside Lecture Hall 22-0-11

11.30-12.30: Demonstration of Multi-spectral scanning in Room 27-2-23

12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-15.00: Session 2A in Lecture Hall 22-0-11

Chair: Silvia Hufnagel

Frederick Bearman: The laced overband: Its place in the history of stationery bindings

Patricia Engel: Old repairs on historical books: How to treat them in modern day conservation

Saira Haqqi: Why did they do that? Rebinding at the Pierpont Morgan Library in the early 20th century: A case study

Robert Fuchs: Of evil demons and wicked students: Choir books of the Naumburg Cathedral

13.00-15.00 Session 2B in Lecture Hall 23-0-50

Chair: Philip Lavender

Masoumeh Madani Pour: A closer look: Exploring the depiction of books in Islamic paintings

Razieh Taheri: Studying the antifungal properties of Satureja Khuzestaniea essential oil on historical papers

Inês Correia: Recovering the 16th-century Treatise of Seamanship of João de Lisboa: Dialog with cumulative material changes

Michael Maggen: The mysterious drawing Angelus Novus by Paul Klee

15.00-15.30: Break

15.30-17.30: Session 3 in Lecture Hall 23-0-50

Chair: M. J. Driscoll

Nancy Turner, Vincent Beltran and Catherine Patterson: Cumulative light exposure of illuminated manuscripts: Steps towards an exhibitions policy

Michael B. Toth and William A, Christens-Barry: Developing spectral imaging as a standardized tool for collaborative conservation support

Christina Duffy, Paul Garside, Gavin Moorhead and Cordelia Rogerson: Imaging Magna Carta: Incorporating new technologies into old workflows

Sarah Fiddyment, Jiří Vnouček, Matthew Teasdale and Matthew Collins: Biomolecular codicology: Exploring the York Gospels

18.30-21.30: Buffett Dinner at the Monks' Cellar, University of Copenhagen City Campus