About the seminar

The seminars on the Care and Conservation of Manuscripts have been held at the University of Copenhagen and the Royal Library of Denmark since 1994.

History of the seminar

Aim and scope

Care and Conservation of Manuscripts is an interdisciplinary seminar. The aim is to bring together conservators, librarians, archivists, scholars, curators, and others to promote collaboration and share knowledge on the conservation of manuscripts and early printed books.

Advisory board

The Arnamagnæan Institute at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark organizes the seminar in close collaboration with members of the seminar’s advisory board:

  • Élodie Lévêque, National Library of Ireland, Dublin (IE)
  • Nicholas Pickwoad, University of the Arts London (GB)
  • Abigail Quandt, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD (US)
  • Karin Scheper, University Library, Leiden (NL)
  • Michael Toth, R.B. Toth Associates, Oakton, VA (US)
  • Vasarė Rastonis, Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies, Reykjavík (IS)