“…weil die Zukunft in Hochdeutsch liegt…” (“…because Hochdeutsch is the future…”)

Language attitudes amongst adolescents from the Stuttgart area

Christoph Hare Svenstrup defends his PhD thesis.

Abstract (UK) & Resumé (DK) - pdf

Assessment Committee

  • Associate Professor Nicolai Pharao, chair (University of Copenhagen)
  • Professor David Britain (Universität Bern)
  • Associate Professor Loreta Vaicekauskienė (Vilnius University)

Moderator of the defence

  • Professor emeritus Frans Gregersen (University of Copenhagen)

Copies of the thesis will be available for consultation at the following three places

  • At the Information Desk of the Library of the Faculty of Humanities
  • In Reading Room East of the Royal Library (the Black Diamond)
  • At the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (NorS), Emil Holms Kanal 2