Project Infrastructuralism 

Project Infrastructuralism which digitizes and makes letters and documents from Danish linguistic structuralists available, was funded by the Carlsberg Foundation from 1 February 2019 to 1 February 2023. The project will be continued.

Project Infrastructuralism is carried out in collaboration between Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, The Royal Library, Center for Language Technology and the Danish Language and Literature Society. The project is led by Associate Professor Henrik Jørgensen from Aarhus University. The project received a grant of a total of DKK 8.2 million from the Carlsberg Foundation. Only this grant has made the infrastructure at possible.

The overall purpose of the Infrastructuralism project is to digitize the letter collections as a research infrastructure between the greatest Danish structuralists from the 20th century among themselves and between them and their international connections. Both correspondence and unpublished works are available to researchers from around the world (through WAYF) with the aim of better understanding this period in the history of linguistics. Read more in the infrastructure at