28 February 2017

Data collection for Professionals’ use of video meetings has begun

In September, CIRCD received a grant from VELUX FONDEN for the research project Professionals’ use of video meetings. Since then, CIRCD has found a number of highly engaged collaborators within tele health and social service. We have found collaborators in diverse settings such as virtual home nursing, physiotherapy, addiction rehabilitation, COPD rehabilitation and citizen general service. 

The project kicked of February 1st and the data collection has begun this week. Due to the strong integration of research, teaching and dissemination we are lucky to have over 20 skilled field workers attached to the project out doing videoetnography, contextual inquiries and interviews.

Among our collaborators are Carecenter at Municipality of Esbjerg who aims to become leaders in virtual home nursing and also partake in the iTrain project that focuses on tele-rehabilitation of people with COPD in their own homes, and Citizen Service at Municipality of Copenhagen who are frontrunners in the area of virtual citizen service, implementing welfare technology and training officials ensuring that all citizens in Copenhagen have access to the possible services. We are very grateful to be allowed access to the everyday of both practitioners working in these organizations and the citizens they render service to. We look forward to learn from them about best practices in video meetings as well as challenges with the format.