7 October 2016

New research project, Videomediated interaction, funded by the Velux Foundation

Professor Mie Femø Nielsen, Centre for Interaction Research and Communication Design (CIRCD), has obtained funding for a project Videomediated interaction that explores professional use of video mediated interaction and its unexplored impact on humanity and society. Furthermore it investigates the video-mediation of the interactional practices and how it affects the trajectory of the mediated talk itself.

These practices will be examined in two institutional settings, telemedicine and offshore collaboration where video mediation is increasing and where interaction involves professional purposes, practices and routines that have been investigated in detail in face-to-face interaction.

The aim is to:  
-        study what challen­ges they face when doing so,
-        study how participants in video-mediated talk accomplish institutional tasks,
-        how they compensate for the shortcomings of the video media­tion, and
-        how they accomplish relating to and trusting each other.

The project represents multidisciplinary research using method triangulation. Data are video recordings of authentic video interaction in professional-professional as well as professional-lay settings.