7 October 2016

Well-attended conference marked the release of a book “Kommunikation i internationale virksomheder”.

Researchers and students at the Centre for Interaction Research and Communication Design (CIRCD) won the 2014 Samfundslitteratur textbook prize with a proposal for an anthology on international corporate communications.

Kommunikation i Internationale Organisationer volume 1 and 2 are available at Samfundslitteratur.

The release of the book was celebrated on September 19 with a major conference on the subject at the Faculty of Humanities.

The conference program included presentations from the book editors and Thomas Damkjær Petersen (IDA), Peter Skyttegaard (Mærsk Line), Anne-Marie Skov (Tuborgfondet), Signe Ørom (Connecting Cultures) and Anders Monrad Rendtorff (Vestas).
Furthermore the themes of the book have been disseminated to a broader audience through a number of outreach articles.

Further details are available in Danish.