03 July 2017

INSS merges with NFI under new acronym: NorS


From 1 September 2017 the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (INSS) merges with the Department of Nordic Research (NFI) under the name Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (NorS).

NorS will be situated in Building 22 and 27 at the UCPH Southern Campus - that also up until now has been the location of the two departments INSS and NFI.

The perspective for cooperation between the two departments seems obvious. NorS will become the largest Nordic department with leading research within Nordic languages, lingustics, language technology, litterature and culture, from pre-historic times until today.

As its primary purpose NorS will have research, dissemination and teaching in the areas of Nordic cultural heritage and in modern sociolinguistic and technological approaches to language. The current NFI has its scholarly basis in comprehensive physical and digital collections of Nordic medieval manuscripts, Danish place-names and personal names, runic inscriptions, dialect records asf., and these collections will now to a further extent be opend up for studies by the entire NorS department.

The new department will hold a goldmine of semantically annotated corpora (of text as well as of speech) and dictionaries, and based on a shared expertise the new department has the opportunity to further develop digital research infrastructures and will be able to disseminate the research in new interactive formats making the vast NorS knowledge available for the public as well as for scholarly colleagues.