20 January 2013

Viking and Medieval Studies in Copenhagen - video introduction

The two-year Nordic Master’s Programme offers an interdisciplinary approach to Viking and Medieval Scandinavia by drawing on expertise at four different Nordic universities and associated research institutes.

The Arnamagnæan Institute at the Department of Scandinavian Research (Nordisk Forskningsinstitut) offers part of the programme which is designed for international students holding a bachelor’s degree with a medieval component. Prior knowledge of Old Icelandic/Old Norse is not required.

The programme provides training in Old Norse language, literature and history, as well as developing the skills necessary to work with primary sources such as medieval Norse manuscripts, runic inscriptions and other artefacts. It will introduce the students to a wide range of theoretical approaches in the field of Viking and medieval Norse studies.

Watch this video for an introduction to studying Vikings and Medieval Scandinavia in Copenhagen