Brian Lystgaard Due

Brian Lystgaard Due

Associate Professor - Promotion Programme

I study interaction and the practical use of objects and technologies in different settings and situations as they naturally unfolds.

I have studied a variety of "dead" objects like the use of papers, pencils, glasses and other tools but I am particular interested in the use of computers and new technologies like the use of video mediated platforms, telepresence robots and other kinds of robots, smart glasses, smart home speaker systems (e.g., Google Home), etcetera. Across these settings and types of technologies I am working on a "theory" for a more inclusive notion of agency and the distributed nature of action-construction and perception. This also includes research into human-animal interaction.    

I am also engaged in a varity of practical research that involves classical communication disciplines as PR, PA, branding, internal and external communication, leadership, strategy, vision, mission and culture, etc.

My research focuses basically on the semiotic and sensory ressources human beings use to construct meaning in social interaction together. I am interessted in the underlying structures in the multimodal construction of norms and interactional order, which is embeded in an ecology of sign systems that includes not only talk, but also a range of different kinds of displays made by the body, and structure in the environment. I have particular been interessted in the senses and multisensoriality as I have been leading research projects studying the everyday lives of visually impaired people. 



Conversation Analysis and multimodal interaction analysis


Etnography and all sorts of qualitative methods

Ethnomethodology and breaching experiments 

Participatory Innovation and design thinking processes



Teaching and supervision

I teach courses in Conversation Analysis, Identity, methods, communication theory and business communication. 

I supervise theses within the broad spectrum of communication, branding, new trends, technology, conversation analysis, videoetnography, multimodality studies, business meetings and culture, innovation and creativity, leadership, service design and international business communication but also more theoretical projects with different philosophical perspectives.

ID: 21228999