Gitte Gravengaard

Gitte Gravengaard

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

Gravengaard’s research areas are communication, communication consultancy, research communication, journalism, and internships.

Gravengaard is the director of the research project: ‘The Advisor of the Future’, and the project ‘CEO Communication and the future communication advisor’ is a part of this larger research project.The aim of this project is to analyse and characterize the efficient and effective communications advisor of the future.

Gravengaard has worked extensively on professional practice and discourse, on professional expertise, and on how novices are socialised into a professional culture. Combining ethnography, linguistics, sociology, and theories of professions with qualitative research methods, she has been able to explicate and describe what is normally tacit knowledge in the professionals’ routinised practice, and she has demonstrated how this tacit professional knowledge is passed on to newcomers via socialisation processes.

She has written several peer-reviewed monographs, a large number of peer-reviewed articles in journals and chapters in books and conference papers, as well as other articles for journals, books, websites and conferences.



Gravengaard is an experienced university teacher and supervisor, having taught MA and PhD courses within Communications at UCPH since 2004 and supervised a large number of master’s theses and bachelor/master’s student projects. 

Areas of teaching are: strategic communication, communication consultancy, research communication, journalism, internship, and how to write academic texts.

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