Matthew Scarborough

Matthew Scarborough

Postdoc, Assistant lecturer

Member of:

    Currently I am a Marie Skłodowska Curie postdoctoral fellow at the Roots of Europe Centre. My current project is PHILOGLOSSA: Pre-Hellenic Loanwords in Greek: Lexicon of the Substrate Analyzed (ERC Grant Agreement 101108732

    More generally my research focuses on the history of the Greek language from Proto-Indo-European to the classical Greek dialects and theoretical problems in and practical applications of phylogenetic methods in historical linguistics.

    More broadly, my research interests include:

    • Greek philology and linguistics from all periods
    • Indo-European comparative linguistics and philology (especially of the Hellenic, Italic, Indo-Iranian, Anatolian and Armenian sub-branches)
    • Indo-European lexicography and etymology
    • Language and Society in Mediterranean Antiquity
    • Language contact and historical sociolinguistics

    Selected publications

    1. Accepted/In press

      Relative Chronology and the Outcomes of the Proto-Greek Labiovelars in the Context of Ancient Greek Dialect Geography

      Scarborough, Matthew, 13 Sep 2023, (Accepted/In press) In: Classical Continuum.

      Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

    2. Published

      The Aeolic Dialects of Ancient Greek: A Study in Historical Dialectology and Linguistic Classification

      Scarborough, Matthew, 2023, Leiden & Boston: Brill. 395 p. (Brill's Studies in Indo-European Languages & Linguistics, Vol. 26).

      Research output: Book/ReportBookResearchpeer-review

    3. Published

      Language trees with sampled ancestors support a hybrid model for the origin of Indo-European languages

      Heggarty, P., Anderson, C., Scarborough, M., King, B., Bouckaert, R., Jocz, L., Kümmel, M. J., Jügel, T., Irslinger, B., Pooth, R., Liljegren, H., Strand, R., Haig, G., Macák, M., Kim, R. I., Anonby, E., Pronk, T., Belyaev, O., Dewey-Findell, T. K., Boutilier, M. & 13 others, Freiberg, C., Tegethoff, R., Serangeli, Matilde, Liosis, N., Stroński, K., Schulte, K., Gupta, G. K., Haak, W., Krause, J., Atkinson, Q. D., Greenhill, S. J., Kühnert, D. & Gray, R. D., 28 Jul 2023, In: Science. 381, 6656

      Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

    Selected activities

    1. Ancient Greek (ἀ)στεροπή, ἀστραπή 'lightning-flash' revisited

      Scarborough, Matthew (Speaker)

      11 Nov 2023

      Activity: Talk or presentation typesLecture and oral contribution

    2. The Proto-Greek Labiovelars: An examination of an isogloss in the context of Ancient Greek dialect geography

      Scarborough, Matthew (Invited speaker)

      19 May 2023

      Activity: Talk or presentation typesLecture and oral contribution

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