Michael David Fortescue

Michael David Fortescue

Professor emeritus

2011: Retired as professor emeritus from the University of Copenhagen and moved to England, where now an associate of St Hugh’s College, Oxford. Editing OUP Handbook of Polysynthesis.

2009: Fieldwork in British Columbia and Alaska working principally with Kwakwala (in connection with monograph on Orientation Systems of the North Pacific Rim).

2006: Fieldwork with Ditidaht on Vancouver Island, BC (in connection with Comparative Wakashan Dictionary).

2005: Chairman of Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen.

2004: Spring semester spent as Visiting Fellow at La Trobe Research Centre for Linguistic Typology, Melbourne, Australia.

2000: Appointed Professor of General Linguistics, Department of General and Applied Linguistics, University of Copenhagen.

1996: Organized seminar on comparative Chukotko-Kamchatkan at Copenhagen with participants from Russia and USA (January 1996).
Spring semester spent on sabbatical at University of California at Berkeley.
Invited as research fellow to Max Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen (October 1996).

1992-1995: Head of Department of Eskimology for further 3 year period.
Invited to lecture in Sapporo and Chiba, Japan, May 1992. October 1992 spent at Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge (research and giving lectures).
Invited to hold lecture series at University of California at Berkeley in March 1994 (departments of Linguistics and Scandinavian).      
Field work in Chukotka, summer 1995, doing preparatory dialect investigation for comparative Chukotko-Kamchatkan dictionary.

1990‑1991: Field work in Qaanaaq, Thule, May 1990. Co‑organizer of 4th Functional Grammar Conference at University of Copenhagen, June 1990.

1989: Appointed 'docent' (reader) with retroactive effect from May 1988.
Head of Department of Eskimology again.

1988: Spring semester spent at Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, on faculty exchange scheme, starting work on project to produce a comparative Eskimo dictionary.
Co‑organizer of 6th Inuit Studies Conference, Copenhagen, August 1988.

1985‑1987: Participated by invitation in Workshop on Language Universals and Language Acquisition at Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen, Holland (summer 1985).
Head of Department of Eskimology for academic year 1986‑87.  
Organizer of international Workshop on Materials and Methods for the Teaching of Eskimo Languages (Copenhagen, summer 1986).

1984: Appointed  'lektor' (associate professor) in Eskimology, University of Copenhagen.
Joined editorial committee of Acta Linguistic Hafniensia  and committee of the Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen.
Field work in Upernavik district of Greenland (summer 1984).

1983: Appointed  'ekstern lektor' (assistant professor)  in Eskimology, University of Copenhagen.

1979‑1982: Research in Department of Eskimology supported by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities, preparing a comparative manual for the Inuit dialects.
Field work in Coppermine, Northwest Territories (summer 1980).
Teaching assistantships in Department of English,  Copenhagen University, and in the Department of Greenlandic, University of Aarhus (1981).
Preparation of a West Greenlandic grammar for the Croom Helm Descriptive Studies series.

1978‑79: Department of Eskimology, University of  Copenhagen, studying Greenlandic on Danish government exchange scholarship.
Field trip to northwest Greenland during summer 1979.

1975‑1978: University of Edinburgh, PhD in Linguistics. Tutor in General Linguistics. Arts Faculty scholarship for 1977‑78.

1971‑1975: Teaching English in Japan for International Language Centre, Osaka, and in France at the University of Aix/Marseille (section 'Formation Continue').

1968-1970: Teaching assistantship in Russian at University of California at Berkeley. Summer course at Charles University, Prague.
M.A. in Slavic Languages and Literatures (1970).

1966: B.A. in Slavic Languages and Literatures (‘Honours with great Distinction’), University of California at Berkeley. Summer course at Leningrad Zhdanov State University.

School in California (La Jolla Junior High 1956-59) and England (Abingdon School, 1960-63); undergraduate at University of California Berkeley (1964-67) and as MA student (1968-70); PhD at University of Edinburgh (1975-78).

Born Aug. 8th 1946, Thornbury, England.


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