Mogens Olesen

Mogens Olesen

Associate Professor

Current research

I am interested in the ways our media, especially digital media, shape us. My research addresses the challenges and potentials that follow from the ubiquitous influence of digital media and technology in our society - on an individual, social and societal level.

In particular, I focus on how digital media such as laptops, smartphones and tablet computers are reconstructing our classrooms. I study how these interactive media create an educational environment that affords new didactic possibilities - i.e. for e-learning - in terms of e.g. activating, multimodal, student-centered learning. On the other hand, the new environment also causes challenges. Despite that there is a general call for integrating IT in education, in practice the know-how concerning the practical implementation of e-learning remains sparse. My work aims to provide guidelines for developing digital media didactic solutions.

Another research of mine concerns football fan activism on social media

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