Pernille Benedicte Weng Ellyton

Pernille Benedicte Weng Ellyton

PhD student

I work with Old Norse literary and cultural history, and especially saga literature. I am a Carlsberg PhD-fellow at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, and work at the Arnamagnæan manuscript collection.

Current research

PhD-project: Skáld - a literary historical investigation into the role of the skald in Old Norse literature

In my PhD-project I am exploring the role of the skald as a figure across Old Norse prose texts as well as in the skaldic poetry. Here, I work with the Old Norse literary corpus in its entirety, and investigate the role and attributes of the skalds in a literary context. 

Fields of interest

Literary history, older nordic literature, Old Norse language, the middle ages, philology, manuscript studies, cultural history, skaldic poetry, eddic poetry, Saxo Grammaticus, Norse mythology


Older Nordic literary history

Old Norse philology

Saga literature

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