Rikke Vang Christensen

Rikke Vang Christensen

Associate Professor

As a researcher and trained SLT (Speech and Language Therapist), I focus on children's language disorders. I am interested in (1) the characteristics of these disorders (e.g. grammatical features of particular difficulty for Danish children with Developmental Language Disorder); (2) identification of language learning impairments (e.g. the potential of language processing tasks such as nonword and sentence repetition), and (3) intervention (e.g. the effect on the word learning skills of school-aged children of systematic and structured lexical intervention focusing on the sound and meaning of words). Furthermore, I am interested in the consequences of language disorders for communication, participation in everyday activities and learning. 


Current research

  • I am co-PI on a large research project funded by The Independent Research Fund Denmark. In the project, The making of stronger readers: The role of syntactic proficiency in understanding texts, we investigate the role of syntax comprehension for reading comprehension in school-aged children. My role in the project is to develop and test a syntax intervention and to investigate the effects of the intervention on syntax comprehension and on reading comprehension.
  • I recently finished a project on lexical intervention for children with DLD, funded by Helsefonden (The Health Foundation) and Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics.


I teach courses in children's language disorders and supervise e.g. BA projects and master's theses within the field of developmental language disorders. 

ID: 543577