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Martha Sif Karrebæk

Martha Sif Karrebæk

Associate Professor


linguistic ethnography / anthropology, language usage, discourse analysis, language ideology, language and diversity, multilingualism, linguistic socialisation, language and play, food and language including restaurants, new Danish (and new Nordic) cooking, food scialisation, languaging, language and schools, urbanity, standardization, linguistic norms, childrens' language and language acquisition, authenticity, discourses of security

Primary fields of research

I look at language and social meaning primarily from a linguistic ethnographic perspective. I have focused  on a broad range of subjects which are all somehow related to mobility as a key condition in contemporary society. The areas I have treated more particularly include:

  • Language, play and language acquisition (Danish as a second language) in kindergarten (Karrebæk 2011a, b)
  • Linguistic hierarchization in primary school (Karrebæk 2013, forthc.)
  • Relations between the assumed majority and minorities (Karrebæk 2012a,b, 2013, 2014 etc.)
  • Popular culture in school (Madsen & Karrebæk 2015; Karrebæk 2013; Karrebæk & Madsen 2015)
  • Mother tongue education as a practice and context (Karrebæk & Ghandchi 2015, forthc.; Karrebæk & Nergiz forthc.) 
  • Language socialization (Karrebæk 2011, 2013)
  • Security and securitization (Karrebæk and Ghandchi forthc.; Karrebæk & Charalambous forthc.)
  • Food socialization, health and rye bread (Karrebæk 2012, 2013a, b, 2014, forthc.)
  • Restaurants
  • Language norms and polycentricity (Karrebæk 2013, forthc.a, b)
  • Language as practice and languaging sprogning (Jørgensen, Karrebæk, Madsen & Møller 2011; Karrebæk forthc.)
  • Language and authenticity (Karrebæk & Maegaard forthc.; Karrebæk, Stæhr, Varis 2015)
  • Transscription as practice (Karrebæk 2012)
  • Linguistic ethnography and super-diversity (Karrebæk 2013; Madsen & Karrebæk 2015, Karrebæk & Madsen 2015; Arnaut, Karrebæk, Spotti forthc; Karrebæk & Charalambous forthc.)

In addition I work with (or plan to work with) language in the city, football, green grocer practices and bread.

Current research

Over the last three years (app.) I have worked with two primary areas. Firstly I have been leading a project on mother tongue education financed by the Danish Independent Research Council. This project takes a practice perspective on mother tongue education, and we investigate what mother tongue education means for the participants, what takes place in this educational endeavor, and how. We look at language norms, pedagogical practices and other emergent meanings. In addition to this, I participate in the research group Copenhagen Studies in Everyday Languaging which treats language and linguistic developments among a heterogenous group of children in public school. In addition to this I have smaller projects on pop music, green grocer practices and (Bornholmian) restaurants in Copenhagen. 

ID: 10456