Marta Kirilova

Marta Kirilova

Assistant professor, tenure track

Current research

My current project is about interpreting in the public domain. Together with my colleagues Martha Sif Karrebæk (PI) and Paulina Bala, I will study communicative challenges emerging when citizens who are estimated to need an interpreter meet the public sector (e.g. police, court and the health care system). Our aim is to achieve insight into linguistic and cultural aspects of interpreter mediated encounters, including how the conversations evolve, and what expectations to and experiences with the encounters participants hold.

I am also interested in migrant identities and migrant narratives as well as the concepts of gatekeeping and fitting in in institutional communication. 

Primary fields of research

language at the workplace (Kirilova 2014, 2017, Bram & Kirilova 2018)
gatekeeping & diversity (Kirilova & Angouri 2018)
interpreted interaction in the legal domain
job interviews with minority background candidates (Kirilova 2013, 2014, 2017)
Danish as a second laguage (Kirilova, Ritzau & Jørgensen 2009) 

Fields of interest

Multilingualism, Institutional Communication, Job Interviews, Interpreted Encounters, Gatekeeping, Language and Culture, Sociolinguistics, Language Attitudes, Language Policy and Practice 


Danish as a Second Language; Language, Culture and Identity; Sociolinguistics; Interactional Analysis and Interactional Methods; Second Language Acquisition; Second Language Pedagogy 

ID: 918864