Jacob Ølgaard Nyboe
Jacob Ølgaard Nyboe

Part-time lecturer

Current research

  • Genre Signature defined as innovative, unique or deliberately misguiding genre indications. For example Svend Åge Madsen's 'uroman' and 'mikroman' or Lars Skinnebach's 'genrer' and 'øvelser og rituelle tekster'.
  • The scientific Fake News article.
  • Grundtvig's use of titles and distant reading of his complete works.

Primary fields of research

  • Genre Indications
  • Genre Theory
  • Paratext
  • The works of Svend Åge Madsen
  • Mathematics in Literature


  • Danish Literature
  • Literary Analysis
  • Genre Theory
  • Rhetorical Genre Studies
  • Paratext and Transtextual Analysis
  • Theory of Science

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