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Lars-Jakob Harding Kællerød

Lars-Jakob Harding Kællerød

Research assistant

Current research
My PhD project deals with the establishment of the surname-typological middle name in Denmark in the 19th century. During this period a restrictive naming policy was enforced, and that involved, among other regulations, that the surnames became fixed. Thereby the traditional primary patronym, i. e. the father's forename combined with -søn (son) or -datter (daughter) (e.g. Jensen, Jensdatter), was gradually replaced. Thus a significant factor for identification in the individuals' names vanished. In the same period the usage of surname-typological middle names increased among the wider population, which may be seen as a reaction against the restrictive policy. This kind of middle name became a way for individuals to preserve the close kind of relation to the immediate family, in the name, like the primary patronym traditionally had done.

My project investigates how the surname-typological middle name has manifested itself in the 19th century, deducted from a corpus of names containing the entire population's names in the 1880-census. By making a basic categorisation of the surname-typological middle names in usage and comparing these with different demographic and geographic aspects, its purpose is to give a thorough map of the usage of middle names in Denmark during that time. Furthermore, the project will contain a number of qualitative studies of the name usage with geographical or genealogical delimination. The case-studies will give suggestions for the motives behind the usage of the surname-typological middle name.

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