Simon Bierring Lange

Simon Bierring Lange

PhD fellow

Simon Bierring Lange is a PhD student at Centre of Interaction Research and Communication Design. He is currently working on a project investigating the impact and outcomes of video mediation in professional settings.

Simon has a background in linguistics, and has specialised in ethnomethodology, video ethnography and conversation analysis, with a special interest for applied CA and institutional interaction.

Primary fields of research

  • Interaction and conversation analysis with a focus on multimodality
  • Video mediated interaction in professional settings
  • Communication training for practicioners based on conversation analysis and video ethnography (e.g. Video Based Reflection on Team Interaction (ViRTI) and Video Learning)

Current research

Video mediated interaction in professional settings

My ph.d. is part of the Velux-funded project "Video mediated interaction in professional settings". The project investigates the use of videomeetings in telemedicine and in collaboration in international teams. The aim of the project is to generate knowledge about how to implement and utilize video meetings in a range of professional settings.

Smart glasses for blind and visually impaired individuals

From 2016 - 2017 I worked on a project called Technology Enhanced Vision for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals. Together with Brian Due, assistant professor at Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, and Ron Kupers, professor at Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology, I investigated blind and visually impaired individuals' interaction and cognition when using smart glasses and other wearable computer technology in their daily activities.

Innovation and organisation development

As an ongoing project since 2013, I have investigated interactional practices in organisations and teams together with Brian Due, assistant professor at Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics. We examine how video recordings can be used to give valuable analyses and feed back to practitioners in various settings. Often the focus is on change, innovation, decision making etc. We have published different methods for working with feedback workshops for practicioners (e.g. Videobased Reflection on Team Interaction (The ViRTI method) and Video Learning).


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