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Liv Otto Hassert

Liv Otto Hassert

Industrial PhD

Liv Otto Hassert is an Industrial PhD student at the University of Copenhagen and at Maersk Line IT. Her research focus is on local and distance leadership and the complexities of teamwork in global, dispersed, virtual IT project teams. The research is an empirical study, which includes qualitative data from Denmark, UK, USA and India. Hassert is specialized in the fields of organizational communication, interaction research, and leadership and work life studies. She has a MA in Communication from the University of Copenhagen and a BA in Communication and Work life studies from Roskilde University. She has focused her studies on professional interaction, leader-employee relationships, organizations, and experiences of work life. Her Master thesis explored the interaction of intercultural business partners in ICT and FTF meetings and the impact of different identity norms and meeting cultures. Through her studies, Hassert has gained much experience with qualitative data collection methods and Conversation analysis (CA), and this is also the foundation in her current research on leadership in global, virtual project settings.

Current research

Hassert's PhD research focuses on local and distance leadership of global, virtual IT project teams. It is an explorative, empirical study, which includes a range of qualitative data from Denmark, UK, USA and India, and it applies a communicative approach to leadership research. 


Primary fields of research

Leadership in global project teams

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