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Karoline Kühl

Karoline Kühl

Associate Professor

I’m the scientific coordinator of the project ‘Danish Voices in the Americas’ (2014-2018) that has been funded by the A.P. Møller Foundation, Carlsberg Foundation as well as the University of Copenhagen (INSS and NFI). In my work, I focus on the changes in structure, lexicon and pragmatics in Danish due to intense contact with the majority languages (American English and Argentine Spanish) but also due to language attrition and partial acquisition.

Primary fields of research

My general research focus lies in structural contact linguistics and bilingualism. I’m interested in Danish outside Mainland Denmark, mainly in the US, Canada and Argentina that have been the traditional emigration countries around the turn of the 20th century, and the stable bilingual situations on the Faroe Islands and in South Schleswig.

Comparing various language contact situations with Danish as one of the languages, gives me the opportunity to investigate differences and similiarities in the linguistic development of South Schleswig Danish, Faroe Danish, American Danish and Argentine Danish.

Further, I'm interested in the structural consequences of language shift as both American Danish and Argentine Danish are subject to intergenerational language loss.


As I'm employed mainly as a researcher, I do not teach much. I supervise within the topic of bilingualism, language shift and language change and contact linguistics in general (possible keywords: code-switching, code-mixing, language attrition, incomplete acquisition), any topic related to Danish outside Denmark or the Germanic immigrant contact varieties around the world (e.g., Texas German, Namibia German).

ID: 40449503