Simon Poulsen

Simon Poulsen

PhD fellow

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I am working on the internal relationships between the Indo-European language branches, but I am also engaged in many other phonological and morphological aspects of Indo-European linguistics. I am further interested in language history of other language families, language variation in general, epigraphy and runology.

Current research

My PhD project has the working title The relationship between Greek and Indo-Iranian. I am examining how closely related these two branches are within the Indo-European language family. I am working with different comparative methods and am trying to establish significant innovations shared by the two groups in their phonology and inflectional morphology. I am further interested in linking this hypothetic language state to archaeological material cultures and prehistoric migrations.

Primary fields of research

  • comparative Indo-European linguistics
  • reconstruction of the Indo-European proto-language
  • the relationship between Indo-Iranian and Greek
  • Greek linguistic history
  • Indo-Iranian linguistic history


I have tought part of the BA-course Greek and Latin language history, and I am able to supervise exam papers or BA theses on Indo-European linguistics, Greek or Indo-Iranian language history. I am happy to receive inquiries or questions.

ID: 247667451