Pia Quist

Pia Quist

Associate Professor

Pia Quist's research interests include:
Language and Gender
Youth and language
Language in the city
Language and social mobility

Her research focus is currently on place as a sociolinguistic factor. How do places influence language use? How do speakers create places through language? How and with what effects do speakers create links between themselves and places?

Research projects:

Language, Body and Place in the 21st Century
(2018-2019, The Carlsberg Foundation's 'Semper Ardens' Fellowships within the Humanities and Social Sciences)

Language and place - linguistic variation in country and city in Denmark
(2014-2018, The Danish Council for Independent Research for Culture and Communication) 

Dialect in the Periphery
(2015-2018, VELUX)

Pia Quist disseminates her research as a columnist in the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen, in textbooks, and together with colleagues at the Section of Dialect Research she edits www.dialekt.dk 

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