Rikke Vang Christensen
Rikke Vang Christensen

Associate Professor

As a researcher and trained SLT (Speech and Language Therapist) I focus on children's language learning impairments. I am interested in the characteristics of these impairments (e.g. grammatical features of particular difficulty for Danish children with Specific Language Impairment), identification of language learning impairments (e.g. the potential of language processing tasks such as nonword and sentence repetition), and intervention (e.g. the potential in systematic and structured word learning). Furthermore, I am interested in the consequences of language disorders for communication, participation i everyday activities and learning. 

Current research

  • Lexical intervention for children with DLD (see http://communicationdisorders.ku.dk/projects/language-mentor--increased-quality-of-life-in-children-with-language-learning-impairments/)
  • Language processing by children with DLD 
  • Identification of children with DLD using language processing tasks (please refer to http://communicationdisorders.ku.dk/projects/languageandcognition/ for information about the research project 'Language and Cognition - Perspectives from Impairment (LaCPI))


I teach courses in children's language disorders and supervise e.g. BA projects and master's theses within the field of developmental language disorders. 

ID: 543577