Julia Sturm

Julia Sturm


Primære forskningsområder

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I work on problems related to ancient and classical Indo-European languages and literatures, especially the Greek language and early Greek epic. Combining formal linguistics and philological methodologies, my work addresses two key questions:

  • How did Indo-European languages evolve from prehistory to their earliest attestations?

  • How can we extrapolate from ancient languages (attested and reconstructed) and classical literatures to draw meaningful conclusions about the material world of the distant past?

Specific topics of research include ancient Greek verbal morphology (in particular, the nasal present class in epic and classical Greek), ancient Greek phonology and sound change, Vedic Sanskrit verbal morphology, the inherited Indo-European climate and weather vocabulary, and descriptions of local weather phenomena in early Greek epic.

Aktuel forskning

I am currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellow with the Roots of Europe Centre at the University of Copenhagen. My project, IE CLIMATE, investigates the climate and weather vocabulary of Indo-European languages, in order to gain insight into the climate and weather conditions encountered by Proto-Indo-European speaking peoples, and, in turn, PIE speaking peoples' attitudes towards the material world they encountered.

ID: 286468800