Wednesday – University of Copenhagen

Wednesday  17 October 2012

12.00: Registration at the Royal Library,The Black Diamond, Søren Kirkegaards Plads 1.

14.00: Dronningesalen (The Conference Hall on the Ground Floor)

Words of welcome.

First session:

Abigail Quandt, The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore: Preserving the brain in the box: The scientific analysis and conservation treatment of the Archimedes Palimpsest.

Lynn Ransom, Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts Project, University of Pennsylvania Libraries: Creating a universal finding aid for world manuscripts: Possibilities, pitfalls, and potential.

Greg Bearman, ANE Image, Pasadena, CA with David Cuccia, Amaan Mazhar, Modulated Imaging, Irvine CA and Jesssie Weber, McGill University, Montreal: A non-contact imaging method to measure and map water content in parchment.

Robert Fuchs, CICS Colgne Institute for Conservation Sciences: The collapse of the Cologne Historical Archive: The role of restorers and the emergency plan.

Jiří Vnouček, The Royal Library, Copenhagen: King Valdemar’s Cadastre: The conservation of a once-divided manuscript.

16.30: Reception in the foyer outside the Conference Hall.