Wednesday 13 April – University of Copenhagen

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Wednesday 13 April 2011

9.00-12.00: Open house at the conservation and photographic workshops of the Arnamagnæan Institute.

This includes a demonstration of the multi-spectral scanner the institute recently has acquired.

11.00-13.00: Registration at the Faculty of Humanities, Njalsgade 126, Building 23 - in the foyer.

  • Venue: Lecture Hall: 23-0-49

Session 1: 13.00-15.00

13.00-13.15: M. J. Driscoll, Arnamagnæan Institute: Words of welcome.
13.15-13.40: Anne Mette Hansen, Arnamagnæan Institute: AM 421 12mo, an artefactual philological study.
13.45-14.05: Lin Rosa Spaabæk, Rosenborg Castle: The conservation and reconstruction of wax seals: A reversible method.
14.10-14.35: Maria Berggren, Uppsala University Library & Helena Strömquist, Lund University Library: The ProBok project.
14.40-15.10: Margit J. Smith, Copley Library (retired), University of San Diego : The first ‘Internationale Konferenz zur Erhaltung und Ausbesserung alter Handschriften', St. Gallen 1898.

  • 15.10-15-40: Coffee break

Session 2: 15.40-17.30

15.40-16.05: Caroline Bendix, Market Harborough, Leicestershire & Athanasios Velios, Ligatus Research Centre, University of the Arts, London: Storing library collections: a workflow for packing and tracking items in the library of the St. Catherine's Monastery.
16.10-16.35: Jane Klinger, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Lynn Brostoff & Jennifer Wade, Library of Congress: Analysis of written material from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
16.40-17.00: Fenella G. France, Library of Congress: Advanced non-invasive spectral preservation at the Library of Congress.

  • After the last paper the Arnamagnæan Institute invites everyone for a glass of wine in the foyer of building 23, outside lecture hall 23-0-49.