The Finnish collection

The collection has around 12.000 books and subscribes to aprox. 40 journals. The collection is situated at the fourth floor. See plan here.

The collection covers

Books and journals on Finnish-Ugrian studies and Uralian, Finland Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Nordic, and Karelian. The main part focuses on Finnish linguistics, history of literature, fiction and realia. The rest covers Estonian, Sami, Hungarian and other Uralian languages.


Via the system REX you can choose to browse in the local collection alone. If you don’t choose so, you will be browsing in all of the Royal Library’s collection of printed and electronic books and journals. To search articles and journals you can use:
Academic bibliographies

Finnish handbook collection

The collection is situated in room 22.5.04. There is no lending from the collection but study places are offered.


The books are shelved according to subject. Every subject group is sorted alphabetically by author (monographs) or title (anthologies and text collections).

The collection’s publications are divided into the following main groups:

  • Finnish
  • Finland Swedish
  • Uralian
  • Individual Uralian languages
  • Other languages.

See the shelving of the books in the floor plans of the library.