The library collections

At present, the library is divided between building 22 and building 27. See map of campus

They are divided into reference collections, for us at the library and lending collections, which can be borrowed.

The collections are divided as follows:

In Building 22: 

The Finish collection. A lending collection

Books and journals on Finnish-Ugrian studies and Uralian, Finland Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Nordic, and Karelian. The main part focuses on Finnish linguistics, history of literature and works of fiction. The rest covers Estonian, Sami, Hungarian and other Uralian languages. For further information see here.

The Frøland collection. Reference collection – not directly accessible

The Frøland collection is a reference collection of approx. 1,000 books and scraps, photos and notes regarding the Danish book trade and the history of publishing. It is kept in the stacks.  It is not registered in the library catalogue, but a card catalogue is available.

The Indo-European collection. A reference collection

It is situated in the Indo-European project room on the 5th floor (room 22.5.26). The books and journals are only for reference use. For further information see here.

Gender studies collection. A lending collection

The gender studies collection is arranged alphabetically on the shelves. There is a small collection of journals, which cannot be borrowed. For further information see here.

The linguistic collection. A lending collection

The collection includes books and journals on linguistics (general linguistics, audiologopedics, phonetics, Indo-European, reading and psychology of language). Further information.

There is a small handbook collection for study-use only in seminar room 22-2-16.

The Nordic collection. A reference collection

The collection contains books and journals on Danish and other Nordic countries’ languages, literature and media. For further information see here. 

In Building 27:

The Arnamagnæan collection. A reference collection

The collection focuses primarily on works on philology, manuscript studies and language studies, specifically West Norse (Old Icelandic, Norwegian and Faroese) and East Norse (Old Danish and Swedish) in addition to modern Icelandic and Faroese. 

The dialect and sociolinguist collection. A reference collection

The main emphasis is on dialectology and cultural history of Scandinavia and to some extent Northern Germany, as well as literature on material and spiritual folklore and culture. It also contains a growing collection of books on sociolinguistics.  

The name-research (onomastic) collection. A reference collection

The collection houses the only special collection for onomastics in Denmark. In addition to books and journal on Nordic onomastics, it also contains a large collection of publications regarding the origins of names of Germanic origin outside Scandinavia. 


In Building 27 the journals from the threee collections are housed together on the 4th floor. They are arranged alphabetically.